Dairymac Product Catalogue | Fourth Edition


Dairymac Bray Breeding Calendar

The Dairymac Bray Calendar is a comprehensive visual record of your dairy herd, giving you key information at a glance. The Dairymac Bray Calendar system is used effectively by many dairy herds as a comprehensive and effective visual management tool and for those with a computer based system the Bray Calendar is an excellent backup and visual guide. The Bray calendar can be safely viewed by all staff, family and outside contractors without providing access to precious computer data. The Bray Calendar is a metal board, with a central dial and indicators, protected by Perspex doors. Unlike your computer system, the Bray Calendar can be safely positioned on the wall of your dairy, where it is needed. The dial works though a 365 day cycle and can identify what point in the breeding and production cycle each of your cows are, or should be. The calendar helps spot issues before they become problems. The system provides indications of expected heats, when to inseminate, calving, the need to dry off, confirm in calf etc. This complete system allows the herd to be assessed at a glance and encourages more careful monitoring of herd activity, in turn resulting in improved efficiencies and profits. Each Calendar can monitor over 500 cows and farmer can run multiple calendars for larger herds. Each cow is represented a 6 coloured magnetic cubes, you can either buy blank magnets and a special marker pen or pre-printed magnets 1-75, 76 150, etc up to 975.

“My Bray Calendar tells me exactly when a cow needs to be dried off, and whenever something happens such as a cow calving you update her magnet and are able to check the rest of the herd at the same time. All my management decisions are based on what my Bray Calendar tells me and it is always consulted before the vet visits so I can tell him the status of the herd.” Roger Mann 80 Cows Warwickshire

DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR ● The Dairymac Bray Calendar is a

comprehensive visual record of your dairy herd.




Dairymac Bray Calendar with doors, 75 blank or numbered magnets and pen



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