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This brochure showcases the stunning islands of Malta, including its finest beaches, best diving spots, cultural attractions, and everything you need to know about the LGBT+ community as well as some of the top hotels in the UK market. This handbook will increase your knowledge of Malta and provide compelling reasons for your customers to visit. Each property is thoughtfully chosen and presented with unique selling points, ratings, and meal plans. All of the hotels listed are available either via the Youtravel website or via our API/XML feeds. If you are a travel agent and would like an account set up with us, don't hesitate to get in touch with



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St Patricks Hotel Calypso Hotel The Grand Hotel Gozo

4* Hotel 4* Hotel 5* Hotel 4* Hotel 4* Hotel 4* Hotel 4* Hotel 4* Hotel 4* Hotel 4* Hotel 5* Hotel 3* Hotel

Gozo Gozo Gozo

Labranda Riviera Hotel & Spa Radisson Blu Golden Sands Resort & Spa

Bugibba Bugibba Mellieħa Mellieħa Mellieħa

db Seabank Resort + Spa

Pebbles Resort

DB San Antonio Hotel and Spa Bora Bora Ibiza Malta Resort


H Hotel Grand Hotel Excelsior Osborne Hotel

St. Julians

Valletta Valletta


Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, with so much to see and do, a trip to the Maltese Islands is an unmissable experience for any type of traveller. With such a fantastically favourable climate and an astonishing array of underwater sites, it’s easy to see why Malta is consistently voted one of the best diving destinations in the World! Being home to an abundance of outstanding produce, a sea brimming with delicious seafood, and recipes dating back centuries, food and drink are the very essence of Maltese Culture. Golden sandy beaches, unique red sands, and rocky shores, the Maltese Islands offer any type of swimming spot imaginable! The Islands also have a number of Blue Flag Beaches. Whether you are looking for natural wellness spots or some of the best spa facilities around, the Maltese Islands have got you covered! Explore More with over 300 days of yearly sunshine in Malta! Whether you’re a history buff, a night owl, an adrenaline junkie, or simply a rambler wishing to be bowled over by natural splendour, the list of things to do in Malta is endless.



Air Summer: 28ºC to 34ºC Winter: 16ºC to 20ºC Sea Summer: 21ºC to 26ºC Winter: 12ºC to 16ºC










Malta has beaches for everyone, from windsurfers to sunbathers. Choose from golden sand, red sand, rocks, blue lagoons and even inland seas. Some beaches and rocky shores are off the beaten track, but worth seeking out for their seclusion.

Searching for a bit of seaside paradise? Look no further than breathtaking St George’s Bay! A stone’s throw from the excitement of Paceville, with views that are second to none, this beach offers a taste of seaside tranquility.

Looking for a beach the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than stunning Mellieħa Bay! Perched on the Island’s breathtaking North Coast, a stone’s throw from the picturesque town of Mellieħa

A picturesque bay on Gozo’s North coast, Marsalforn Bay is a favored swimming and diving spot among locals! With a glorious promenade, endless turquoise sea, and stunning hills on either side, it’s the perfect place to test the waters, and enjoy a day at the seaside!

Paradise Bay and Paradise Bay Hotel Beach are two sandy beaches at the northernmost tip of the island, close to the quay where the Gozo ferry operates a daily shuttle service. 6

With such a fantastically favourable climate and an astonishing array of underwater sites, it’s easy to see why Malta is consistently voted one of the best diving destinations in the World!

With so many spectacular marine treasures to visit by boat, when it comes to organised off-shore dives, one is truly spoilt for choice. Whether it's exploring underwater caves brimming with sea life, or investigating wrecks, the choice of astonishing dives available is truly astounding.

With an endless choice of shore dives easily accessible from land, you certainly can! With a variety of marine landscapes and wreck sites to choose from, and depths ranging from 5 to 60 metres, a plunge in Malta’s crystal clear waters is well worth putting on your flippers for.

Blessed with an outstanding array of treasures not just on land, but beneath the sea as well, Malta’s seabed is studded with wrecks of boats, planes, and statues, each providing insight into its vast and vivid past.

It’s hardly surprising that divers flock to the Maltese Islands from far and wide to explore its crystal clear waters. Offering a wide choice of shore and boat dives at varying depths, there’s something to suit divers of all abilities. Divers who wish to dive unaccompanied are required to have a buddy as well as to present a PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent certification by other agencies 7

The Maltese culture boasts a variety of cuisine to suit all! Whatever type of dining experience you’re craving, be it a quick snack, a culinary extravaganza at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or a hearty dig into some awesome local cuisine, there’s always something to sink your teeth into.

Being home to an abundance of outstanding produce, a sea brimming with delicious seafood, and recipes dating back centuries, food and drink are the very essence of Maltese Culture. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that the Islands have some of the most spectacular cuisine in the World. Whether you feel like a quick bite or are in the mood for an exquisite 7-course tasting menu, or anything in-between, the Maltese Islands have got you covered! Offering amazing indoor venues, as well as fantastic outdoor ones, Malta’s dining options have got you covered! You should also look out for those restaurants in Malta that have received the Quality Assured Restaurant Award, which is overseen by the Malta Tourism Authority, which gives recognition to high-quality standards in service, hospitality, food, and ambiance.

Local produce - Strawberries

Casual local dining

Michelin Star: De Mondion

Local fish

Michelin Star: Noni

Whether it is a full-bodied red, a crisp white, or a ravishing rosé, tantalise your tastebuds, in Malta's wineries and vineyards! Rich soil, light sea breeze and 300 days of sun make for the perfect wine making combo. Visit one of the many local wineries and vineyards to go on your own wine journey.

Marsovin Ramla Valley Estate

The perfect climate of this vineyard produces only the highest quality, noble variety of Chardonnay grapes. Marsovin Ramla Valley Estate is situated in the heart of the Gozitan countryside and produces some of the best wines that are famous throughout the Islands and internationally.

Meridiana Wine Estate

Marsovin Cellars A household name synonymous with the production of premium wines in Malta and Gozo, Marsovin Cellars are an international, award-winning winery spanning 4 generations with over 90 years in the industry. They can be guaranteed to deliver quality wines that are renowned for their distinct flavours and aromas. This winery produces world-recognised wines that please any sommelier. The beautiful estate is the ideal setting for a wine tasting experience. Each bottle from Meridiana Wine Estate delivers ample flavour, deep colours and balanced acidity. A wine for simple moments and special occasions.


With over 7,000 years of history, Malta is the ultimate holiday destination for any history buff! Home to some of the oldest free-standing temples in the World, the Islands have also played host to the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Knights of St. John, Napoleon and the British Empire. A jaunt to its phenomenal fortifications, and an open-mouthed-gape at its truly awe-inspiring architecture is a must.

UNESCO SITES With a vast and varied history dating back to

FORTS AND TOWERS Aptly coined the ‘Fortress Island’ due to the sheer number of towers, forts, and bastions, the array of architectural masterpieces dotted around Malta is endless! These awe-inspiring feats of military engineering offer a unique glimpse into Malta’s vast and varied history! different Temples and Archaeological Sites from various eras, including 7 unique Megalithic Temples! Malta is also home to the one of a kind, Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground maze of chambers. One may choose to delve into Malta's Roman past, and visit the Domus Romana, with original mosaics still in place! TEMPLES AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES The Maltese Islands are blessed with a great choice of

prehistoric times, Malta is the epitome of historical richness. Boasting three UNESCO World Heritage sites that includes the glorious Cultural Capital City of Valletta, the jaw-dropping Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum, and seven magnificent Megalithic Temples, there is always something to explore on this Mediterranean Gem! With narrow, cobbled streets shrouded in an air of mystery, Mdina will snatch you away from the present and transport you back in time. Malta’s old Capital Mdina has been known under a range of different names based on its rulers and its role over a span of 4,000 years since it was founded. MDINA, OUR OLD CAPITAL



With so many rich and colourful traditions which have withstood the test of time, the amount of pride the Maltese have for their culture is highly understandable. With elaborate fireworks displays, rowdy village festas, and outstanding hospitality, not to mention the mind blowingly delicious food, the sheer magnetism of Maltese culture is apparent everywhere you go, making it almost impossible not to be drawn in.


With a spacious and gracefully raked auditorium, it ensures a clear line of vision and comfort during the shows. This largest opera house on the islands hosts its esteemed audiences in the stalls, and 4 levels of tiers, endowing the experience with perfect acoustics making it an ideal venue for operas and musical performances.

MUŻA Splendidly located in the Auberge D’Italie, in the heart of Malta’s Capital, this delightful museum is a veritable treasure trove of artistic masterpieces!


“The Manoel”, as it is affectionately referred to by the locals, is Malta’s National Theatre, the best-equipped performing arts venue on the Island and a major contributor to the local performing arts scene.


Among 49 countries, Malta for the eighth time remains in first place on the ILGA-Europe ranking – the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association. The Maltese LGBTIQ+ Community is a proud part of a European LGBTIQ+ Movement, but also finds itself at the heart of the Middle East and North African regions where equality is still a far cry. With Malta ranking top of the ILGA Rainbow Index for eight years in a row, it is our duty to work constantly in achieving full equality from the heart in Malta as well as in neighbouring communities where LGBTIQ+ phobia and lack of human rights are still rife. Guests from abroad will find that the vast majority of the Maltese people are gracious and welcoming hosts, eager to help them discover Malta, Gozo and Comino and make their stay enjoyable and hassle-free. The gay community will be glad to share tips on the best restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs and boutiques to visit, as well as gay-friendly hotels and other accommodation to stay in. They will also know about upcoming events, social gatherings and parties.


Our target for EuroPride Valletta 2023 was to offer the EMENA (European, Middle East & North Africa) LGBTIQ+ Community a safe port of call whilst providing them a stage where LGBTIQ+ human rights issues can be addressed and discussed. We wanted to contribute to more diversity and equality in Europe and surrounding regions and help to find ways to have a high level of human rights for all LGBTIQ+ people. EuroPride Valletta 2023 took place for the first time ever in Valletta, the capital city of Malta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It had over 40 initiatives lined up spanning all over the Maltese islands, including the must-attend Pride March and closing Pride Concert.

Advocating for awareness, love and “Equality From The Heart” - as the event’s tagline suggests, EuroPride Valletta 2023 was a safe space for gender expression and inclusive representation of the rainbow community on a European and global level.


A 25-minute ferry trip from the Cirkewwa terminal, found in the North of Malta, or a 45 minute ferry from the capital city Valletta, provides visitors and locals alike an experience of a more rural way of life.

Malta’s sister island, Gozo, is definitely worth a visit, either as a stand-alone destination or else for a day trip, using one of the ferry-boats connecting the islands. Definitely a quainter alternative to the mainland, with more green areas, Gozo is more sparsely populated and yet offers a myriad of attractions for the young and young at heart!

Visitors can experience old traditions such as the milking of goats and sheep and watch as this milk is prepared into traditional Gozitan cheese. Ranging from 5-star hotels to hostels, Gozo also affords the self catering visitor with a large selection of traditional farmhouses, most of which are equipped with pools and situated in tranquil locations.

Gozo does not lack in visitor experiences – with the world’s oldest free-standing temples of Ggantija, a UNESCO world heritage site. This majestic site, situated in lush countryside, is made up of two massive temples. The rocks are so large that it is not a surprise that many locals used to believe that they were built by giants!

In the vicinity of Ggantija, one can also find the Ta’ Kola Windmill, which gives visitors an insight into how Gozitans from yesteryear used to grind their wheat in order to make bread and other baked goods. The recently restored Ċittadella, located on top of one of Gozo’s famed three hills, stands high and proud, dominating skylines around the island. Adjacent to Gozo’s Capital, Victoria, Ċittadella is made up of a maze of quaint streets, weaving in and around the bastions surrounding the town and the Cathedral! 14

Located between Malta and Gozo, one can find the charming Island of Comino. Just a short 10-minute boat ride from Gozo! Other services to Comino abound from private charter boats to day trip specials leaving mostly from Sliema, Malta. The seas around Comino are wonderful, with the famed Blue Lagoon and the Crystal Lagoon being the top attractions. The fantastic sea visibility has also led to Comino being one of the top diving destinations, with all sites being boat dives.

A 17th Century watchtower is the highest landmark on the island, aptly named the Santa Marija Tower. This tower was built by the Knights of St. John and was used as a prison by the Knights! This watchtower was constructed in the 16th Century. When the Ottoman Turks attacked the Maltese Islands, they first completely wiped out all the inhabitants on Gozo and Comino. Therefore, this tower added a level of security.

After visiting the tower, one may meander towards the Isolation hospital, which as per its name, was used in the 19th and 20th Centuries to isolate any person who was diagnosed with the plague or cholera. This hospital was always used to house German prisoners during World War I. Comino is mostly uninhabited, with just one permanent residence, and a few campers throughout the year. This adds to the exotic and adventurous feel of this island. Visit to see more cultural experiences on offer. 15

You can choose to sip a classy cocktail in one of Valletta’s swanky wine and cocktail bars or perhaps indulging your inner party-animal at St Julian's collection of nightclubs is more up your street. Maybe lady luck is on your side as you take on a casino. Whatever you fancy, a night on the town is not to be missed!

Offering a full range of games that will satisfy everyone’s needs, Casino Malta offers a premium gaming experience from the moment you step foot in the front door. Set in the energetic centre of Malta in St Julian's, Casino Malta is a unique entertainment experience that makes for an unforgettable time. With stunning scenery, stunning sunsets, sublime music, and cocktails that are second to none, Café Del Mar is your chill-out paradise! Spectacularly situated on the glorious Buġibba coastline, with unobstructed sea views, this awesome venue offers a sundown experience like no other.

Cafe Del Mar

Casino Malta by Olympic Casino


Isle of MTV

Summer Daze

Annual traditions and festivals of Malta! If your clients are planning to visit Fort St Elmo in Valletta, don't miss the chance to witness the spectacular In Guardia military parade. During the parade, you'll see re-enactors from the Malta Tourism Authority dressed in period costumes, as they carry out military exercises and demonstrate their pride and skill. Get ready for your clients to embark on a cultural itinerance with the Art Explora Festival! This unique project is bringing the world's first museum-boat to the Mediterranean, making stops in 15 countries and 20 ports from 2024 to 2026. Embark on an unforgettable journey at Earth Garden, Malta’s largest festival set in the centre of the Mediterranean, that has stealthily gained a reputation as one of Europe’s best-kept secrets basking in the radiant allure of the sun-soaked island of Malta! The Malta International Fireworks Festival is an annual event organised by the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority. This spectacular event, which takes place at the end of April to commemorate Malta’s accession into the European Union on 1st May 2004, is held in Valletta’s Grand Harbour and other locations.


Staying active in Malta!

With numerous sporting venues, countless beaches, cliffs, and countryside all around you, there’s really nothing stopping you from getting out and get moving! Having marvellously mild Winters and a fantastically favourable climate, there are countless outdoor activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Whether it’s a ramble through the lush countryside, a dive into the crystal clear sea, or a bit of outdoor yoga on one of the many splendid beaches, Malta has activities to please every type of enthusiast. endless! With cliffs that attract rock climbers and abseilers from around the world, as well as rugged terrain for some amazing mountain biking, the variety of the Maltese landscape means that all adrenaline junkies will be satisfied! For those that prefer activities that are a bit slower, outdoor yoga and pilates, with views for days, are available, as well as touring the countryside on horseback. More importantly, due to the Maltese climate, these amazing outdoor land activities can be done all year round! A number of well-equipped outdoor public gyms have also been set up, providing open-air exercise in the favourable year-round climate, around the clock! Whether you are looking for natural wellness spots or some of the best spa facilities around, the Maltese Islands have got you covered! Whether you love challenging gravity or unwinding through Yoga, the activities which can be carried out around the Maltese Islands are


Get your heartrate going!

No matter what sport interests you, whether it is to view or participate, you will find it in Malta, and the island will become your number one sports destination! With its favourable climate ensuring remarkably mild winters, cycling is just one of the many outdoor activities which can be enjoyed year-round in Malta. And with its plethora of prehistoric ruins, mysterious caves, and network of country lanes, there’s certainly no shortage of things to explore. With an endless blue sea, a splendid coastline, and views that are second to none, Malta is a kayaker’s paradise! And with the coastal waters of three glorious islands to explore there’s certainly no shortage of things to see! With its spectacular climate, dazzling blue skies, or the vast array of sports facilities, yoga and pilates are just two of the numerous activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year in Malta!


St. Patricks Hotel 4 Star - BB & HB Xlendi, Gozo Xlendi is the ideal place to relax while enjoying nature, a variety of water sports, and meeting people from all walks of life. The hotel is ideally situated on the seafront offering great swimming and an abundance of marine activities like boating, scuba diving, snorkelling and other water sports. Restaurants & Bar A rooftop splash pool with small Jacuzzi Rooftop sun terrace with sun beds and umbrellas Of the 64 rooms, 20 overlook the pool, 25 over the valley, and 19 overlook the courtyard Free Wi-Fi

The Grand Hotel Gozo 4 Star - RO, BB & HB Mgarr, Gozo Perfectly located and overloooking Mgarr Harbour The Grand Hotel is located on Malta’s picturesque sister island Gozo, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and is the ideal place to stay and is easily accessible by all means of transport.

Calypso Hotel 4 Star - BB & HB Marsalforn, Gozo

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Gozo's coastal vistas and mesmerizing sea views. Perfectly positioned on the north shore of the Island in the fishing harbour of Marsalforn, Calypso blends effortlessly within this picturesque seaside resort.

3 Restaurants & Bar Indoor and Outdoor pool Elemis Spa and fitness area

3 Restaurants & Bar Outdoor pool 100 rooms which majority look out at the sea Wellness Center with Massage services Yoga and Pilates sessions Free Wi-Fi

Free parking Games room

Bike, Quad and E-Bike rental Majority of the rooms face the sea/harbour with some limited rooms with inland views Free Wi-Fi


Radisson Blu Resort & Spa - Golden Sands

db Seabank Resort + Spa 4 Star - AI only Mellieħa, Malta Situated on the outskirts of Mellieħa, the hotel offers a range of accommodation packages during all seasons. db Seabank Resort + Spa is a leading 4-star superior All-Inclusive resort located at the foot of Malta's largest sandy beach, Mellieħa Bay. 7 themed restaurants with free flowing drinks 5 pools with separate spa area Choice of Land, Pool and Sea view rooms Dedicated kids club with animation team Sports bar and bowling alley

LABRANDA Riviera Hotel and Spa 4 Star - BB, HB & AI Marfa Bay, Mellieħa Unspoiled views over the islands of Gozo and Comino create an idyllic Mediterranean atmosphere of relaxation. The Labranda Riviera Hotel & Spa is located in one of the best-preserved areas of northern Malta and overlooks the scenic Marfa Bay. Rooms and suites with a choice sea and land views 3 restaurants and 3 bars Two outdoor pools & 1 indoor pool Award winning Spa

5 Star - BB, HB & FB Golden Sands, Mellieħa

In a key location close to Malta's favourite and most sought-after beach Brilliantly located on the edge of a cliff overlooking Malta's unique sandy beach of Golden Bay, the Resort offers an unforgettable experience with breath-taking sea and country views. 4 Restaurants and 3 Bars Spa and fitness area Rooms and suites with a choice of sea and garden views Free Wi-Fi


db San Antonio Hotel + Spa 4 Star - AI Only Qawra, St. Pauls Bay In the heart of the Algarve! Welcome to the db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, located at the heart of one of Malta’s popular touristic areas, Qawra, that will treat you to an unforgettable 4-star superior All Inclusive experience. 5 themed restaurants with free flowing drinks 4 pools with separate spa area Adults only infinity pool Choice of Land, Pool and Sea view rooms Dedicated kids club with animation team Newform fitness club

Bora-Bora Ibiza Malta Resort 4 Star - RO & BB Buggiba, St Paul’s Bay Perfect for party animals! This adults-only resort is situated in the heart of the popular town of St. Pauls Bay, close to Malta`s sandy beaches. Bora Bora Ibiza Malta resort is proud to launch the first and only “Music Resort” on the island. Three entertainment venues Restaurant and Pub Outdoor pool with sundeck and heated indoor pool with jacuzzi Various accommodation choices with land or pool view wtih the choice of private balconies or terraces

Pebbles Resort 4 Star - RO & BB Buggiba, St Paul’s Bay Located in the picturesque St Paul's Bay,. Pebbles Resort provides 2 restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a heated indoor pool and a hot tub. WiFi is free in shared areas and in all rooms.

2 Restaurants Outdoor pool and indoor pools Hot hub and gym Rooms with pool or city view Free Wi-Fi


Hotel Osborne 3 Star - RO & BB Valletta, Malta Osborne Hotel is a 5-minute walk from St John's Co-Cathedral The Osborne Hotel, set amongst Valletta’s 320 monuments, is the perfect place to stay, for families & business travelers, to discover one of the most concentrated historic centres in the world. Main restaurant, a bar and lounge An intimate 63 rooms all have en suite bathrooms Swimming pool on the rooftop Fitness club in the basement

H Hotel 4 Star - RO & BB St. Julians, Malta H Hotel is a dare-to-be-different 4 Star Lifestyle Hotel Set against the breath-taking backdrop of St. George’s Bay, the hotel is surrounded with bars, nightclubs & restaurants. The sandy beach of St. George’s Bay is 30 metres down the road. 160 rooms and suites with views of St. Georges Bay Suites have either an indoor or outdoor hot tub

Grand Hotel Excelsior 5 Star - RO & BB Valletta, Malta Nestled in the heart of Floriana Grand Hotel Excelsior stands as an epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication. With a commanding presence along the waterfront, the establishment boasts a harmonious blend of opulence and comfort 4 restaurants and a bar 433 rooms and suites over 10 floors Outdoor and indoor pool Private marina and private beach Gym and Spa faciltiies Complimentary transfers for Valletta for hotel guests

65 foot open air infinity pool Exclusive champagne bar State of the art Carisma Spa faciltiies Free Wi-Fi


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